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Your 5-Point Journey to Health and Wellness

We at "Seeker's Passage" invite you on a journey towards health and wellness. We refer to the journey as 5-Points of achievement or realization. This was arrived at after analyzing case studies of clients who had shared what occurred during their therapeutic healing sessions. We found a similar pattern to achieving health and wellness. It was a process where physical healing was accompanied by personal growth and enlightenment. With this, we concluded that there are 5-Points which are key in maximizing physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness.

Point 1:  Experience Relief:

In a supportive and compassionate environment, the therapist will acknowledge your symptoms and make the primary goal the relief of your discomfort. Intuitively directed to areas of your body that indicate what is referred to as "energy blockages", the therapist facilitates their release and seeks to restore energy balance. Through the use of skilled massage therapy techniques, symptoms and discomfort are diminished and you begin to experience relief.

Point 2:  Gain Awareness:

When pain or discomfort is diminished, and a state of relaxation is achieved, it presents the opportunity for awareness to take place. At this point, you will start to realize the relationship between the body, mind and spirit. Your awareness brings you to an understanding and appreciation for the collective role they play in achieving health and wellness.

Point 3: Discover Your Inner Power:

Having made a commitment to the process, you start to comprehend your conscious attitudes, feelings and self-perception. The path has been broadened and you feel empowered and confident in your own capacities, leading you to the discovery of your inner power. Your personal empowerment drives your desire to achieve health and wellness and improve your quality of life.

Point 4: Implement Change:

At this point on the journey, the renewed state of balance in your body, mind and spirit places you in an ideal position to implement changes essential for maintaining and sustaining health and well-being. Some of the changes may include how you care for yourself physically and mentally. It can even involve acknowledgment of a higher power. Allowing for change serves to safe guard the therapy you have experienced and maximize its potential.

Point 5: Embrace Your Health and Wellness:

With your energy fields rejuvenated and acceptance of an inner power you are ready to enthusiastically embrace health and wellness. Aware and willing to change, you continue along the path of healing and enlightenment. By embracing health and wellness your journey continues with a focus on improving your quality of life.

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