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Intuitive Therapeutic Massage Testimonials

Seeker's Passage offers an alternative therapy to health and wellness by utilizing intuitive massage to facilitate the release of energy blockages.  Disturbances within the energy fields in our body can have a negative effect on our overall health and trigger any number of adverse physical and emotional symptoms.  The testimonials below support the success of such therapy and invite you to experience it for yourself.

Mary S. Madison, CT - Acute Pain
What I found so interesting about Lorraine is her intuitive ability.  During our sessions she did not ask if I was experiencing any pain yet instinctively knew where to focus.  Unbeknownst to her, I have been having pain in my shoulders for some time due to the amount of computer/phone work that I do in my business.  The relief I have experienced as a result of her work is amazing!

Denise T. Wolcott, CT - Multiple Sclerosis
It is hard to explain but for a really long time I have not felt my legs as a part of me.  Each time you worked on my legs, I would leave feeling more whole as if they were becoming part of my body once again. In the last session you concentrated on my right knee that was very stiff. I have to tell you I left feeling like I could go take a kickboxing lesson! After so many years of knee problems, I am now able to kneel and get up without a problem.  I am glad I chose intuitive therapeutic massage as an alternative health method for pain management and energy healing.

Howard T. Wolcott, CT -Terminal Illness
Thank you for visiting my mother in the hospital just before her passing. Your visits made her very happy and I want you to know that for, as many years as I can remember, her feet were always so sensitive that she couldn't even stand the sheets touching them. I will never forget her saying, "That feels so good" as you massaged her feet during your visits.   

Madeline R. Cheshire, CT - Menopause
You have helped me in so many ways that it is hard to put into words. Your healing touch with your words of encouragement have made me feel not only physically better but also mentally better, not to mention a renewed sexual intimacy with my husband. I am amazed how relaxed I feel after each session and its lasting affects.   My decision to experience a more holistic approach to health and wellness has allowed me to believe in my inner power.

Cecile S. Thomaston, CT - Fibromyalgia
At age 57 my fibromyalgia was so painful that I couldn't do the simplest movement without a lot of pain let alone the heavy lifting required of my job as a patient care associate in a hospital.   In 2007 I was also in the midst of a stressful divorce that resulted in trauma and substantial weight gain. Lorraine's intuitive therapeutic massage helped me work through these stresses and I lost 30 pounds in 16 weeks.  As a result of Lorraine's therapeutic massage therapy, I have more mobility without pain and a much better quality of life.

Claire N. Torrington, CT - Multiple Sclerosis and Restless Leg Syndrome
I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1994. Because I reached the chronic progressive stage, none of the new medications were helping. I visited a massage therapist weekly for temporary pain relief. My sister told me about Lorraine Jolly and I began energy healing work with Lorraine in 2007. The results have been so encouraging including major improvement with my restless leg syndrome and successful weight loss as well.  I am truly on the path to improved health and wellness.

Gina G. Waterbury, CT - Chronic Pain
For two years I was a prisoner in my own home. I was in terrible constant pain. I had trouble sleeping since no position was comfortable. My neck and back were the worst. Every muscle in my neck was in spasm making me dizzy and lightheaded. I felt like I was going out of my mind!  I couldn't work and eventually lost my job. I couldn't drive at all for a year.   I visited numerous doctors and even tried injections that focused on pain management.  These methods proved unsuccessful.   I was referred to Seeker's Passage as an alternative health and wellness option and from the very first visit; I knew that I was at the right place.  Lorraine made it so easy for me to trust her. She was knowledgeable and in touch with what I was experiencing.  She explained how energy flow was key to the healing process and how it plays a role in the body, mind and spirit connection.  Because of her, I finally got my life back!  My body is more flexible, my neck and back pain is almost completely gone. I am driving again and doing things with my family. I can even pick-up my grandchildren into my arms!  I am thankful that I was guided to her. 

Robert N. Torrington, CT - Acute Pain
I was a non-believer of intuitive therapeutic massage until I witnessed the progression of my wife's disease that was affecting her nervous system and the improvement of her condition after receiving treatments from Lorraine. Then the shoe was on the other foot when the steel hatchway door leading into the basement hit me in the skull. It split my head open and sent a shock down my neck and shoulders, through my spine and to my coccyx bone. I was in a lot of pain and needed a cane just to get up and walk. I went to Lorraine for pain relief and I actually felt the pain exit through my knee that seemed strange to me.  Lorraine explained how trauma would often cause energy blockages in various parts of the body.  I left the session without a cane and, after several follow-up visits; I was pain free and haven't had a problem since.

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